Claypot Japanese Taufu (Recipe)

Ingredient :
Japanese taufu - 1no Dry Mushroom - 1no Garlic - 1 Glove Baby Pak Choy - 1/2 no Green Chili - 1no Tomato - 1no Salt & soy sauce to taste 1 cup of water 1tsp of corn flour

Direction :
1) Hot the Claypot with 2tbsp of sesame oil,than add in the garlic dry mushroom,baby pak choy.
2) Cook for a minute,add in tomato and green chili.
3) Add water and some salt & soy sauce to taste.Turn down the heat and leave it boil.
4) Heat the wok than slightly fry the Japanese Taufu.(Golden brown colour)
5) Lastly add in the Japanese Taufu into the Claypot.
6) Add in some corn flour water,when boil off the heat.
7) Serve it.


Haley McAdams said…
This looks delicious! I'll definitely try this at home! Ever since I studied food safety I've been kind of really washing the veggies thoroughly.

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